Bergen County HMP Receives FEMA Plan Approval

June 7, 2021: Bergen HMP received FEMA Plan Approval. This plan expires on June 6, 2026.

Bergen HMP Receives FEMA APA

August 7, 2020: Bergen HMP received FEMA Approval Pending Adoption (APA). Each municipality must pass a resolution adopting the Bergen County HMP.

Draft Plan Available for Review and Comment

April 2020: The Draft Plan is available to view under the Plans and Documents tab. Public comment or questions can be sent to the Project Team under the Contact the Team tab.

NJOEM Plan Review Meeting

January 2020: The Project Team met with NJOEM to discuss recent changes in FEMA's guidance for hazard mitigation plans. The Project Team is currently revising the Bergen County HMP to follow these guidelines.

First Draft Plan Complete

November 2019: The Draft Plan is complete and currently under review by the County and municipal officials. The next step is plan review by NJOEM and FEMA. The goal is to have final adoption by Spring 2020.

Municipal Meetings

July 2019: The Project Team is currently meeting with each of the 70 municipalities to learn the status of their mitigation actions identified in the 2015 plan, any new mitigation projects to add to this plan, and new local capabilities, in addition to communicating the plan update process and current funding opportunities. After each municipal meetings, the Project Team updates the mitigation actions, critical facility list, and capability assessment and will return these items to each municipality for their review.

OEM Coordinators Meeting

06.19.19: The Project Team met with local OEM Coordinators to provide an update on the plan and on the progress of local meetings with each jurisdiction in Bergen County.

OEM Coordinators Meeting

03.27.19: The Project Team met with local OEM Coordinators to introduce the HMP Update process, project goals, new tools available, and revisions to the plan since its last update in 2015. The Goals of Mitigation Strategies, Hazards Profiled, and a blank Capability Assessment Worksheet were distributed during the meeting and are available to view on the Plans and Documents page.

The next step will be local meetings with each jurisdiction in Bergen County to review ongoing and new capabilities and mitigation action to incorporate into the updated plan.

Steering Committee Kick-Off Meeting

01.08.19: The Project Team met with the Steering Committee for the Hazard Mitigation Plan (HMP) Update. Items discussed at this meeting included projects completed or underway from the 2015 HMP, the planning process for the 2020 HMP, new features for this plan update, and the Steering Committee role in the HMP process.